A True Hero

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*Scholarship Submission*

What makes a person a hero? Is it having supernatural powers or is it the act of bravery one does. Does everyone have the ability to be a hero? Is everyone a hero within themselves already or do you need a supernatural power in order to be called a hero?

One day Hailey and I were discussing our favorite superheroes and the many powers they have. I began asking Hailey various questions about superheroes. “Hailey, what does it take to be a hero? Is a hero defined from its supernatural powers or can anyone be a hero?” Hailey began telling me a story about when she felt as if she was a hero.

One day Hailey was walking in the hallway at school and saw a young girl getting bullied from her peers. The bullied girl’s peers were saying mean and nasty comments to her. The bullied girl was having a hard time to defend herself. Hailey felt saddened for her, since when she was younger she was also bullied. Not being able to stand still and do nothing Hailey jumped in action and stood in front of this girl.

Hailey began telling these bullies to leave the girl alone and that being a bully was not cool. The girl’s peers scattered away embarrassed that they were bullying someone. The young girl repeatedly thanked Hailey for her bravery and kindness. The young girl was so thankful that Hailey stood up for her. She told Hailey that she was a hero and that she wished that she was as courageous as her.

I learned from Hailey’s story that it is not superpowers that makes up a hero it is having the courage and bravery to help others. The act of bravery is what makes a hero not their supernatural powers. Superheroes have their supernatural powers and capes. But, Hailey that day had an invincible cape around her neck. Hailey was truly a hero. Anyone can be a hero if they have the bravery and courage to stand up for what is right.