The Zombie Apocalypse

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**Scholarship Submission**

My name is Brady Yarbrough, I’m 17 years old, I live in Santa Paula, California, I go to Buena High School and the zombie apocalypse. Scientists were working on a cure for terminal cancer patients. Although cancer was cured in the body, the cells began to rapidly break down and put the patient’s heart into a stasis. The person was still technically alive, but lacked any capability to speak or see. The patients were considered brain dead. After about three months, patient zero broke free from her holding cell using brute strength. She had no pulse and was faster and stronger than an average person. In about six months half the country was infected and now the walking dead. My family was fortunate to survive and some of my friends did, but instead of graduating high school and going away to college, my job is now protecting my family. We went down to the Big 5 store not that far from our house and loaded on weaponry to defend ourselves. It seemed like our neighbors had all been turned so we took the food from their houses and from the Vons that was in the same location as Big 5.

I have been keeping an eye on my high school and communicating with the people who went there. Almost everyone was at school when the announcement was made about patient zero. I home sick and so were my sisters. I told my mom that I would take care of them even though I didn’t feel good. Three weeks after the outbreak, six scientists discovered that some people were immune to bites of the exhumans. When an old man that lives down the street from our house was bitten, he came into our front yard. I attacked him with a baseball bat. There was an opening and he bit me, but I out him down. My mother was terrified she was going to lose one of her babies. We waited for hours for me to change, but nothing happened. Finally, it clicked that I was one of the 20% of the people who were immune to the serum. I was stitched up and continued to protect my family.

I got a call from my friend Adan that lives in the “fruit” neighborhood or “pie” neighborhood because all of the street names are pies or some kind of fruit. He and our friend marquis were being overwhelmed by zombies so I went to help them. It took us about half an hour to kill all of them, but we managed to hold on. I decided to go back to my house and check up on my family. After I made sure things were okay at home, I went to Buena to check up on the survivors. When I got there, a girl was fending of a zombie with a metal pole. I took my bat and cracked the zombie in the head. The girl was a friend of mine named Sam. She and I had a lot in common so we caught up and she brought me to the auditorium, because the school had been accessed by the national guard who set up booby traps (mines, pits, snipers), where there had to have been at least 400 people. I realized that while there were a lot of friends in there, I had lost some of them. People were surprised to see me, Brady Yarbrough, clad in ammo belts with a baseball bat, a machete, a shotgun, a sniper rifle, and two pistols. I think I scared people, but all I wanted to do was to protect them.

After I talked with some of my old classmates, I went back home. When I got there, my dad was cooking something up on the barbecue. He was making my favorite meal: bacon wrapped asparagus with rice, pineapple, green beans, and apple pie for dessert. My family means the world to me and I will always stand up for them. I always remembered that no matter how bad things get, as long as you can find one person that will always love you for who you are as a person, there will always be a reason to live and to fight until the last minute. I made a promise to myself that from then on, I will always fight for my family.

Life went on with me protecting our family. We had brought in more of our family members who lived out farther away. We constructed a wall around the neighborhood and our family members came to live in our houses. My dad and I, along with my uncle Trent, cousin Nick, my uncle Gavin, and my uncle Paul went on food runs because we had more people living in the area. No zombies ever came this way, but we were able to find a lot of trucks and cars that we used to make a wall. This was our new life and we were okay with it. I continued to check up on the high school and eventually brought some of the people with me. I was like a messiah to them because I was never scared. In actuality I was terrified of losing my family. There was an announcement on television used on the emergency broadcast network. A scientist had been collecting data on the current survivors and the world population was now at 800 million people. That number was the number of people that were still alive. The number of turned people was about 3 billion and although it was staying in that range, we still all feared for our lives. A tough decision came one day when a good friend of mine was bit on a supply run. He was turning and there was no saving him because we were too far from the camp. I made the choice to put him down so he wouldn’t have to wander the area like the other dead heads. I put one in his head and brought him back. We buried him and his mother cried for a 2 hours. I sat out by his grave and I cried for 8 hours because I had big water jug with me.

I will turn 18 in 13 days and I’m excited because I finally be considered an adult. My mom plans on making a chocolate cake for me and I can’t wait. The world has ended and we’re throwing a party. My sisters, Aby and Cassie, wanted to get me a present, but I said I have everything I could ever want. All of people in the world take things for granted, but when the world ends sometimes all you need is your loved ones.