high school dance

A Tall Tale

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**Scholarship Submission**

Trying to think of an interesting fact about me is always challenging because like many if told to respond to this would think they might not be interesting enough.  It took some thinking, and I finally decided on the fact I wanted to share.  Throughout my twelve years in school, I have never once tried any sort of drug or attended any parties with alcohol or just parties in general.  When I tell my classmates this, they tend to think I am boring or uncool, but this year, my senior year, I have realized how awesome that really is, especially in today’s society.  That interesting fact is what gave me my inspiration to write my tall tale.

The most interesting thing about my family is that I have two twin sisters which adds up to three girls, a million bobby pins, and one very stressed dad.  Even though there are many families with all girls, the unique part about mine is that my sisters and I are best friends and always have been.  We do everything together and always know how to make each other laugh.  I live in Boise, Idaho and absolutely love it here.  Something that I find so interesting about Boise is how diverse the cultures are, especially in the downtown area.  I learn so much about different cultures and religions, and I live it.

Marley Jean was the cheer captain at Big Sky High School.  She was nice to everybody she met and was known for her beautiful, warm smile.  Marley was the most perfect girl in all the valley, but her classmates still made fun of her.  Everyday she was called a goody-goody or boring because she hadn’t attended the huge party the weekend before.  One day, the principal announced to the school that there was going to be a dance at the end of the month, and best of all, the prince of the next valley over was going to be there.  Marley was so excited to go that she rushed home after school to start making her dress.

As the weeks went by, Marley was continually made fun of everyday for not going to the parties, but at this point, all she could think about was the dance.  When the day finally came, Marley jumped out of bed and began to prepare for the dance.  Her hair flowed so perfectly and her dress sparkled and shimmered in the sun.  She made her way to the dance when a car drove up next to her with a lot of people on the inside.

“You should all have seat belts on,” said Marley, “You could get hurt.”

The car full of kids just laughed and drove off, shouting out the window rude names to Marley.  She decided nothing was going to ruin this night for her, so she continued on towards the dance.  When she arrived, she admired the wonderful decorations, dresses, and gentlemen that filled the gym.  Music played and she danced like nobody was watching until she was tapped on the shoulder.  When Marley turned around, she realized she was standing face to face with the prince.

“Can I have this dance?” Asked the handsome prince.

He took Marley’s hand, and together they danced.  She was so shocked that such a charming boy like himself would have asked her since she was so used to being made fun of.  Hours passed, and Marley instantly fell for the prince.  When it was time to leave, Marley went to grab her bag and realized she had missed a call, so she decided to call the number.

“Marley, we have been in an accident and need help.  Will you please come?” Pleaded the voice on the other line.

Marley instantly recognized the voice as the boy that had been driving the car that had pulled over to make fun of her earlier that night.  In a panic Marley ran out of the dance leaving her prince and her favorite night of all behind.  She drove the accident where her classmate sat of the side of the street helpless.  Realizing that many were hurt, Marley loaded them carefully into her care and drove them to the hospital.  After sitting in the waiting room for hours and feeling sad that her one night of feeling like a somebody had been taken away, Marley was greeted by the same person she had danced with just a short time earlier.  She was overjoyed to see him but wondered if he was going to be mad at her for leaving him at the dance.

“Listen, I can explain,” began Marley, but the prince stopped her speaking with a kiss.  Marley was shocked.

“You spent your night helping the people that have torn you apart over the years,” said the prince, “That makes you not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well.”

The prince and Marley began to dance in the waiting room of the hospital where people gathered to watch, but they didn’t care.  Marley realized that even though making the right decisions are not always easy, it will always pay off.

The End.