All Because Of One Day

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*Scholarship Submission*

The helicopter parent, this is a parent that is much like a helicopter always hovering overhead, constantly giving input on their child’s experiences, and never fully letting go. A lot of teens hate when their parents are like this, not Joi. Joi is an eighteen year old Caucasian boy, he is a senior at ShortsDalle High School. He is a regular guy trying to achieve his life goal of being a lawyer. Joi has dreamed of going to Harvard Law School since he was ten years old. The only problem is he cannot afford it. Knowing this he worked hard all through high school to achieve an academic scholarship. His hard work paid off he has the scholarship now he needs to get into Harvard.

His parents were not the most supportive of him. They were always working, obvious he hated them for this. They never had time for them and he wished they were just never in his life to begin with. One Tuesday morning he was getting ready for school, after his shower he went downstairs, noticing a letter on the counter top from Harvard. Opening the letter felt like the longest fifteen seconds of his life. His heart began to beat faster as he read the words “I am glad to inform you Joi Delarentez, that you have been accepted to Harvard Law School…” He cannot believe his own eyes, his name with the word accepted following it! The only thing he has ever wanted since he was ten years old, all his hard work paid off! He leaves for school earlier than usual to tell his beloved girlfriend Ida of five years the amazing news. Later that day in sixth period he gets called to the office.

His eyes filled with the greatest tears he had ever cried! The room was so quiet that you could hear a feather graze the ground. Joi’s heart was slowly disintegrating as the police informed him that his parents left the gas stove on and when his dad went to light his cigarette they both burned to death around one fifteen in the house. He has no family besides them, graduating in one month and thirteen days. All his stuff his clothes, shoes, photographs all of it gone. Most importantly his family, the ones he wished would be out of his life forever. He did not mean what he said, everyone says things they do not mean! “Why me,” he thinks “why now.” He stays with some friends until the day he has been awaiting for all his life, College move in day. The dream day has turned into a complete nightmare. The biggest day of his life with no parents to share it with. The heartache and despair is unbearable. He shuts himself out from the world. Some days he goes to class but most days he skips. His roommate Paul notices he is slumped and suggest he does some drugs to ease the pain. Joi starts taking and selling them all on campus. Failing and messed up he is on the wrong path.

Harvard threatens to expel him off campus, unless he straightens up his act. His whole life, everything he has ever worked for gone all because of one day. Depressed with nowhere to turn he takes some drugs and overdoses on the bathroom floor of a local corner store. Slowly dying he sees his parents at the gate of heaven. They tell him to go back it is not his time yet. Crying he begs them to tell them why they never had time for him. They say it is best if he let it alone, but he insist screaming at the top of his lings he needs answers! They explain to him that they never had time to be with him because they had to work extra all the time to pay the bills, his truck note, along with his graduation fee. Joi now realizes they never had any time to be with him because they were working hard to make sure he was well taken care of. He told them he was sorry and how much he loved them. They began to fade away as a bright light blinded him. Focusing his eyes he realizes he is in the hospital surrounded by Ida and the doctors. They tell him he is lucky to be alive, but will have to stay for a while till they know he is safe.

It is now the seventh anniversary of his parents’ death. He is a Harvard graduate with his bachelor’s degree in law. Joi now works for the New York Police Department. He is the top District Attorney they have. He and his wife Ida of three wonderful years now own their own house in the city. Thanks to his sweet angel Elliana of two years he is no longer called Joi, he is now called daddy. His whole life changed all because of one day.