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Can we create a kind of digital small town founded upon storytelling? That is the new experiment at Cain’s River.

We can’t do it without your help. We need you to take a risk. We need you to buck the modern trend of short and quick and go a little long and slow.

We want you to tell us a story. Any story. It can be fact. It can be fiction. It can be a little bit of both. Write a story for the grown up version of your young children. Write a story for the younger version of your elderly parents. Write a funny story. Write a sad story.

Don’t worry if your story is too long or too short. Don’t worry if you misspell a word or mix up your tenses. We’ve got editors for all of that stuff.

Just tell us a story and join the community. Small town storytelling connects us in ways that more modern forms of communication don’t. We are so much more than our emojis and Facebook status updates.

**If you run into problems submitting your story, shoot us an email –**

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