The Creek At Council Park Point

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**Scholarship Submission**

The Creek at Council Park Point was as place teenagers commonly used as a quiet, offset hangout spot. The Creek had watched Alicia grow up and she had always seen the murky water as a safe place. The water had witnessed the first time she caught a fish, the anxiety fill moment when she learned how to ride her bike, and had shared butterflies with her when she was kissed by the boy she had been crushing on for ages. While some people might think it is weird to call a body of water a friend, Alicia couldn’t think of the creek as anything else.

One day, Alicia was sitting on the cement blocks that lined the Creek, just staring at the still water. A dark shadow moved through the water. The shadow was far too large to be any fish, and it was far too slow. Alicia had only caught the shadow through the corner of her eye, but it was enough to make her jump back. She stood up and took a few steps away, her eyes locked on the muddy surface. After a few moments of silence and no movement, she took a few brave steps towards the water. She leaned forward, looking to see if she could see the source of the shadow.

As soon as she could see the place where the water met the cement, something grabbed onto her leg and dragged her into the water. She kicked and screamed for help, but the thing only gripped her harder. She sank deeper into the water as she thrashed her arms around, fighting for release. Alicia had put all her strength into one kick and had finally managed to break free from the things grasp. She swam towards the shore, and climbed out as soon as she reached contact with the mud. After she was a safe distance away, she turned around to look at what had dragged her down.

Peering out of the water with a sinister smile, was a giant reptile. Four sets of claws were reaching for her as the thousands of eyes stared deep into her soul. Before shock could completely take over Alicia, she ran away from the creek without looking back.

Alicia ran into the police station, panic painted on her face. She spewed her story to the officer, but the officer just shook his head with disbelief. She begged the officer to believe her, but he turned away and left her to stand in the lobby.

Alicia had avoided the creek for weeks, despite her friends constant begging to go hang out at the spot. After the reaction she had gotten from the officer, she had decided to keep her experience to herself. Perhaps the occurrence had been a dream and everything was completely normal at the creek, but Alicia couldn’t take her chances.

Until her friend drove her and her friends to the creek without anyone’s knowledge. Fear traveled through Alicia’s body. She begged her friend to take her home, but she had already gotten out of the car. The other girls grabbed onto Alicia and dragged her across the grass towards the creek. Alicia had started a quiet chant of “No, no, no” under her breathe as they moved towards the water.

Once they got the cement block, Alicia’s friends shoved her towards the edge and smiled at her.

“See? There is nothing wrong. It’s just water.” Alicia looked at the water and nodded. Her struggle with the beast in the creek must have been a dream.

The girls sat around for a few hours talking and drinking soda. Just as Alicia had forgotten about the creature, a loud cracking noise rang out. The girls looked around, completely startled. In less the second, one of the girls flew into the water. Screams rang out but were quickly cut off as the owners were dragged into the murky water. Alicia slowly stepped back as the beast emerged from the water. Her screams were frozen in her throat as the beast grew in size. The creature towered over her as a mix of water, blood and drool dripped from its mouth. The creature leaned in as Alicia sunk to the ground. The hot breath burned her skin as she closed her eyes, accepting the fact the beast was about to inflict.

But the beast did not attack her. After taking in a quick sniff, it turned away from her and crawled back into the water. Alicia stared at the sky for a few minutes, thinking over the events that had just taken place.

By the end of the week, it was no longer a secret that Alicia’s friends were missing. The police had confronted her, but she could not tell the truth like last time. From then on, Alicia kept to herself. She visited the creek often, but she never saw her friends, nor the monster ever again.

Alicia, however, did not keep the story to herself. She wrote her tale in many different formats, and while others might see her story as a tale, to her, it was simple reality.