Deceiving At Its Finest

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*Scholarship Submission*

Should we thank those who deceive us? Forgiving someone who deceived you is quickly deemed as impossible. Trusting others will become more difficult and will leave you second guessing your words and actions. Loneliness consumes us and leads us to believing we did something wrong to be deceived, causing us to forgive the people who deceived us at times. But why does being deceived quickly cloud our emotions and respond with anger and hatred? Could being deceived be a positive things in our life instead of a negative one?

The scariest part about deception is that it arrives unexpected. Friendship is built from love, trust, and honesty. Betrayal is something we never want a friend to commit. It actually is one of the worst possible things a friend can do. So when I was aware that my best friend who I shared everything with betrayed me, it was life changing. It lead me to wonder if others were deceiving me as well. What sacred me the most was how even the people you think care about you the most could be deceiving you.

I have never felt so alone when I overheard my best friend talking about me terribly. My secrets were out and all my comments I ever made were let out for the whole school to judge. I felt foolish for even allowing myself to have so much trust in the first place. I was shattered because none of my actions could have led her to do that. Heartbroken at the fact that someone I trusted dearly carelessly threw me away with so much ease. When I confronted her about her actions she was quick to shrug it off and laugh at my anger. While she moved on with her life, I was still stuck in the past and never thought I could trust anyone ever again.

We never tend to notice how bad situations can have a positive effect on our lives. That is why I could not possibly think that betrayal was actually a positive thing for me. My friendship ending with my friend actually took a positive turn in my life. I talked to new people and started creating new friendships that I would not have created if I still was with my friend. Being able to speak anything that comes to my mind and not being judged for it was truly relieving. I am actually happy that my friendship ended from deception, it ended a friendship I would have continued for a long time. My time was not wasted any further with that person. It allowed me to realize that deception is something we will encounter throughout our lives. Being deceived by a friend allowed me to get through an experience that will help me in the future to deal with if it were to ever happen again.

“Deception is a state of the mind and the mind of the state.”-Angleton. Throughout our lives we will encounter people who will betray us. It is a blessing to end relations with those who deceive us so we can have positive relationships with others. It reminds us that people who deceived us actually did not gain anything after all. The real question is why should I be hurt for losing someone who was toxic to me, while they lost someone who cared for them?