Father Time

Father Time

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*Scholarship Submission*

Why does time pass so quickly when we are enjoying ourselves, while it passes by so slowly when we are suffering of something such as boredom or pain? Why does the clock decide it is time to tick slower than faster?  “I bet it’s a trick life plays on us to keep us on our toes”, my grandfather once told me. “Maybe it is a trick of the day the universe does revolve around you. It revolves around everyone! Everyone is caught up in their own little universes. So to pay the price, the time passes at different speeds in each of our own universes!”

My grandfather was a wise man. He died when I was seven but I still remember most of the things he told me. He helped me become the deep thinker I am today. I like to think that the time in my world passes at constant speed. Never getting slower…. never getting faster. Just staying the same. I would have equal pain and suffering, as I would have joy and excitement. It is only my belief though.

My grandfather was right, I still notice that time changes speeds, I just tell myself over and over that I miscounted. But it seems that when I am having a hard time, I am constantly checking the clock, so it goes by slower. Whenever I was with my grandfather, time seemed to fly past me and leave me to stumble in the wind trail it left behind. My seven years with him flew by too fast. I wish he were still here. But I know that in my universe, he is like father time. He is teaching me a lesson, like he always has.