Home Away From Home

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*Scholarship Submission*

Moving from Dallas, a big city, to Louisiana, was a bit of a letdown. When I was born, in Alexandria, then later moved to Dallas for a better education and my dad’s job. Dallas is where I would say I grew up. I went to my first real school and had teenage responsibilities. When I was told that we were moving I was more than frustrated, but there was nothing I could do. It is not fair that most teenagers have no say in adult decisions, even though those decisions will affect them.

Life is not going to give you everything you want on a silver platter, you have to strive for what you want to achieve. And if my goal is to escape Marksville, and be where I want to be I will have to be an adult. A place as small as Marksville, will warm up on you after a while. Yea there’s not as much to do but there’s more freedom and open space, you just have to find it.

You have to find the best in things, even the small things. I have climbed trees 40 feet high and explored abandoned barns and swam in a pond, all things I could never do in the big city. If you try to like something you will. I just feel content with where I am and where I have been, but still look forward to going back an seeing the changes. But there will be plenty for that I have all the time in the world. To a degree, I am happy we moved. I got to see a huge perspective on country life and it made me a different person, the person I am today.

The biggest difference is the people, the humor is defiantly different and the camouflage jackets and big trucks seem to be a style here. Most people in Dallas wore snapback hats which was a very popular style, here it seems boots are the style. The food here is much more spicy and seasoned.