horse at stop sign

A Horse At A Stop Sign

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**Scholarship Submission**

The name’s Ronni. I am in fact a female (with a guy’s name, yes) and ‘Ronni’ isn’t short for anything. It’s kind of crazy and weird, but my mom decided to give all 6 of my sisters and I boy’s names. I guess she was just wishing she had a boy!

Moving on… I am seventeen years of age and just recently came in contact with this great “social media” that everyone talks about. I have to admit, it is quite great; however, I am a die hard “let’s talk face-to-face”, “experience new things”, “let’s go outside” type of person. I absolutely love that rare moment when I meet someone who can actually say more than a sentence without checking their phone for that nonexistent notification. And it’s SO great (*heavy sarcasm) when I’m in the middle of talking to someone and then all of a sudden, that person looks at the wall next to us as if it were talking too. So, needless to say, I prefer the life before instagram.

I currently live in a small town where pulling up behind someone on a horse at a stop sign is normal. If I happen to see someone taking a picture of that situation, I’ll know they’re not from around here. Also, here in this little town, the word ‘DIET’ is just another four letter word and extra grease comes at no extra charge! There’s no such thing as gossip, because well, the town’s so small everyone already knows everything.

“Hidin’ something here is like a lady telling people she isn’t pregnant while her stomach is shaped like a watermelon,” my gramps used to tease in his oaky voice.

My parents are both very traditional and old fashion. They’re the type of parents that ask what ‘IDK’ means, and you answer them, “I don’t know,” and then they sigh in frustration and say, “Me either”. (*insert rolling eyes emoji here)

They may not know the ‘text slang’, nevertheless; they have taught me to set goals for myself, achieve them, and give God the glory. I can proudly say that I am living up to that: I recently received my acceptance letter to Boise State and am so extremely happy. I want others to know in the midst of their doubts that they CAN do it… they just have to put the phone down to do it.