If Heaven Had Visiting Hours

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*Scholarship Submission*

“Have you ever lost someone you really loved?” Today I am going to tell you about a tragic time in my life when I was just eleven years old.

On October 5, 2010 my mom got a tragic phone call from the funeral home. At approximately one o’clock pm my grandparents came to pick me up from school. When I got home my mom was crying, I sat on my uncles lap, my mom looked at me and says “I have something to tell you.” I then asked her “what is it?” She then replies “I just got a phone call from the funeral home, your dad committed suicide last night at nine-thirty.” On October 4, 2010 I had lost my dad, the one man that meant everything to me. I then froze, looked at my mom and started crying, I held my uncle and continued to cry.

At that moment I was in shock, I was scared, worried, and hurt all in one. I could not believe my dad was gone. My mom then told me I would not be able to see him at the funeral, because he blew his head off. It was a very crucial death, I could not believe what I was hearing. All I could do was cry my eyes out. We then went to my dad’s funeral, it was the worst night of my entire life, and I still could not imagine he was gone.

Every day for the next three years I still could not believe it. One year ago from today I realized he was not coming back. All I had at that point was my mom and God. At that point in my life I knew it was time for me to grow up, I no longer had my dad there for me. I had to do everything for my mom and I, we had to make it on our own. My mom then had an addiction with alcohol for three years, she stayed in and out of jail, never really taking care of me. I had to tend to myself and do everything on my own.

In the past six years my life had changed tremendously and dramatically. It is now twenty-sixteen and my mom is over her addiction. My mom and I both have our lives back on track. I have realized that my dad is not coming back and all I will ever have is a mom. Knowing I will never see my dad again here on earth was hard for me, but now that I have grown up I know that one day I will see him in heaven. If heaven had visiting hours I would visit my dad every day.