Life Of The Freak

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*Scholarship Submission*

Started off when I was younger in elementary school a lot of people use to pick on me, The only people I had to listen to my problems was the closest people around me and that was my mama, daddy, and my brother. People always told me don’t let foolishness get to your head but after to much of it a lot of anger built up. After a while times got worst, I was in the middle the of my 5th grade school year then I lost my sister. Being that I was already going thru problems at school losing someone close to me didn’t make things any better. When I arrived back to school after 2 weeks off everything slipped away from me, behavior problems grades going down gave up on basketball. The next year I was back at my old school having more behavior problems, things had gotten so bad I ended up in a alternative school in Mansura, Louisiana. I’ve been to anger management classes but it seems nothing could’ve took away the pain that I was going thru. I had to serve 90 days in a alternative school (apas) which lead to my 6th grade year. Being that I grew up with strict parents who actually cared and stayed on my back my pain started slipping away and everything was back normal again.

Getting to the end of my 6th grade year I found the right thing for me and that was football. We were at school and one of my closest friends came tell me about the league in Alexandria, Louisiana, so our parents brought us to sign up and the coach looked and he said “no disrespect young fella but you’re a very large kid”. Then and there I knew things was going to work out well, The first day of practice was a success. They really liked me and my friends that played they called us “The Marksville squad”. Our first game of the season I had plenty tackles,sacks,fumble recoveries, etc. The coach told me after the game young man I got the perfect name for you and he looked at me and called me “The Freak”. I felt special it was more joy to me at that time then stress I was becoming the young man everybody wanted to see.

Once I got to Marksville high I was a new person, I had the opportunity to play more sports and learn new things. My grades wasn’t always the best but I was always a average student so they wasn’t the worst neither. I had the best feeling ever about basketball I was on the middle school team and I was a starter as a 7th grader. My older brother stayed on me hard about basketball because he played in high school so he wanted me to be good in it as well. One day the high school coach came up to me and asked me,” do you want to play on the junior varsity team?” my eyes grew big I can only imagine myself being on the junior varsity team as an 7th grader. I started working harder and harder grades started improving no problems in the classes with my teachers. My coach told me that he liked that I was a discipline young man and he hope I stick around for a long time. Our first game I came off the bench scoring to 3 pointers back to back the fans and my teammates were impressed.

My 8th grade year I thought I should stay focus and worry about my books and not play any sports but being that I was becoming an athlete I had no choice. I played football and had successful season with the guys, I really enjoyed the people that were around me because everyone was into sports. When basketball season came around everyone was happy that I was back, we took on Avoyelles in our first game and I dropped 22 points along with 10 rebounds. People were impressed how I could play sports so good being that I was a heavy set kid but I had people like my brothers,sisters, and parents to push me. I really appreciate them for pushing me in that time because I was going thru a few things. I had this one teacher my 8th grade year she loved me as if I was her own child and she had a big part in my school life and I thank her til this day.

People never really understood what I would go thru so I was having some rough times again in my freshman year. Those problems led to not playing sports as a freshman, I stayed home the whole year and did work online and all I could say was never again. My aunt helped me with everything that year and as soon as it ended she passed away, it was hard to lose her after all what she has done for me. Time went by I went back to school as a sophomore focused on basketball, me and my coach had a good conversation about how good the team was going to be that year and I was going to be a big part of it. We won the district title that year and loss in the first round of playoffs by one point. That was a big upset for the team that just had a successful season, but all I could do is work out and be ready for next year. Well the summer going into ,my junior year (this year) I loss my grandma worst feeling I ever had in my life but now that I’m older I understand better than from when my sister and aunt passed. I sit back and think to myself sometimes how would they want me to feel, I have conversations with my mama, daddy and especially grandpa to make things better. But even though it hurts everything I do, I do for my deceased family, my parents and my grandpa in the nursing home. That’s what make me strive for better because if you read this essay you would understand that I’ve been through more than a lot. But I had people there to help me stayed in the church house and I want to thank the man above for sending me blessings down here to stay strong.