Lily Rose Petal

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**Scholarship Submission**

Terribly grief stricken by the choices of her past, Lily Rose Petal of a magical town named Werally in Washington, chooses to move on through faith in her older brother Johanson. Johanson John Petal, always did what was right, he came back to the flower garden on time, he washed his hands before supper, and helped his mother in all that she did. He valued time with his family and the beauty of life in it’s natural state. Lily always admired her older brother. How could he love so fully, without any intention of straying from the garden that his parents grew him in? Lily, on the other hand, left the garden almost every night. She would sneak through the back window and through the gate and meet up with her friends. Although they were good people, they made decisions that affected their life negatively. They would run over to Marsha’s Grocery Store and steal the spoons, and the incense burners, so later in their secret cottage, they could used their hunted down flowers and burn them and feel happy with the scent. The problem was that the scent always deteriorated after a few hours, and they would need to hunt for more flowers in order to get their favorite scents back.

Lily never intended on stealing or lying or taking what wasn’t hers, but because she loved the cottage nights, she did everything she could to get all the different type of flowers she possibly could. It only started with a small flower, that her friend let her burn just to taste and smell. She never thought it would grow into such a habit, destroying her body, mind, and spirit. But the one flower started something that grew inside Lily and never left. Ever since she was 13 years old, she had a growing desire to be the queen of the flower burners and although it meant she would only experience temporary happiness, she didn’t care. After that fateful night of her first flower experience, she slowly but steadily lost the desire for true, permanent happiness, and turned to her temporal friends for a euphoric time that lasted but a moment, in a place of unfortunate discomfort, and this feeling always passed.

However, the feelings that didn’t pass, were the feelings to stop burning the flowers, and to finally let them go. This meant many consequences for Lily Rose Petal. She would lose all of her friends in the cottage, and she would finally have to be honest with her family about where she had been sneaking all those years. She wasn’t strong enough to stop herself from going each night, so she would have to be humble and ask for help all around her. She liked this idea, but she couldn’t get herself to do it. Until the dreadful night of October 28th, where Mallory Violet Broy, burned her very last flower in the cottage. She didn’t know it, but the flower had too much pollen in it. And her body had been so used to the pollen because she had it every night. But this night was different, her body said no, that it had enough. And Mallory Violet Broy passed away in her sleep.

Lily knew at this point, that the flowers and the pollen weren’t as beautiful and happy as she had made them out to be. They had taken away Lily’s very close friend, and the flowers still bloomed and had no consideration for whosever path they destroyed along the way. Lily knew she needed to get away from the cottage. As Michigan, Mallory’s boyfriend talked to Lily, she knew that she couldn’t leave the cottage all by herself. So she ran home, and told her parents everything. She told them about her first experience with flowers and how she now wanted them everyday and how she couldn’t stop burning them and how the flowers had poisoned her best friend. Lily’s parents couldn’t say much, they couldn’t believe that their precious Lily had been involved with these flowers and the cottage and they wanted so badly to help her.

She was sent away to a town of recuperation for flower lovers, and this town had a building called “Burn no more”. Lily lived there day and night learning about the effects of flowers and how to resist their smell, whenever she came around them. Although she craved the flowers every night, Lily continued on her path of recuperation, and eventually said goodbye to the flowers and lived in the town of recuperation for flower lovers. The problem was, in this town, some people had secretly devised a plan. They imported flowers from other towns and shared them with previous flower lovers. Then all the work Lily had put into resisting the flowers, crumbled as she met new friends and tried new flowers. One of Lily’s friend’s got caught one day. He was driving and had flowers in his car. He crashed into another car almost killing the other passengers, and he landed himself in the hospital. He went to put away to jail for his actions, and never again to be let out. Lily cried, and cried and cried. She decided to run home again and tell her parents everything that had happened.

Her parents lost hope, they no longer could help her, they knew the recuperation didn’t help, the friends didn’t help, they felt sorrow for all of her friends and the sad things that had happened. They just didn’t know what to do.

Lily was very sick from all the flowers and it looked like Lily was going to die too, just like Mallory. But, it wasn’t until Lily finally turned to her brother Johanson and asked him for help, that everything changed. Johanson never judged Lily, in fact he loved her so much that he did everything he could for her. He walked with her, he carried her, he fed her, and he bathed her, when she couldn’t do it herself, and he told her that everything was going to be okay as long as she put her trust in him and didn’t give up.

This wasn’t an easy path for Lily. She eventually wasn’t so sick, but she would still find herself running to the cottage to get more flowers. She even found herself stealing flowers from her neighbors and friends, and she started burning the flowers in her own house. But, she didn’t give up. Each time she burned a flower, she talked to her brother. She was embarrassed and scared, sick and sad, but that couldn’t stop her. She told her brother every time. And each time without fail, he hugged her, he took the flower from her, and he told her it was going to be okay.

Seven years later, Lily looks back at this moment in her life, as the greatest experience she could ever have. She had always admired her brother and loved him, but she had never allowed him to help her before, and she was never close to him. But because of all the flowers and the sicknesses she had gone through because of the flowers, Lily was finally able to feel her brother’s love. And she looks back on her life and thanks her brother every single day for everything he did for her. She can never repay him, but she is forever grateful. Lily overcame her sickness and married a man in a castle who never burned flowers, or even thought of it. She even had children and taught them the dangers of the flowers and how they will poison hearts and minds to all who use them.

Although her life seemed perfect, Lily still relied heavily on her brother, and still spoke to him daily so that she would have the strength she needed to be a good mother and a good companion to her husband. She still struggled daily, but never again did she return to the cottage, and never again did she steal another flower. Even the site of flowers turns Lily away. She found other friends and other activities and doesn’t get near the flowers that had tried to poison her life.

Lily uses her experiences with flowers to help others. She explains how they too can rely on their brother for help, and that even when it seems all hope is lost, that they too, can let go of the flowers and make a happy family with flowers never to be seen again. She inspires the children all around her, and she happily dances in grass fields and never again picks up another flower. She loves her family, and her family loves her, they forgave her, and showed her so much love that she never forgets all that they did. Happily ever after, no, but happy for more than just a period of time, goes Lily dancing in the prairie fields, never to be seen holding a flower again.