My Small Town Story

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*Scholarship Submission*

Today, I would like to tell you a little about our small town of Glasgow in which we lived in for just short of two years. The only reason why we moved away was for the mere fact that it is a Railroad town or a Farmer town and my husband was furloughed from the Railroad. Anyhow, back to my small town.

For years, I wanted to hunt. I was a great shot and loved the thought of hunting. The only drawback was that our children were always younger and I never had anyone to watch them so I could join my husband in hunting. Well, this year was different. You see, in Montana and around our town of Glasgow, one has to drive around, spot a deer, then get out of your truck and stalk it. We had done this for right at two whole weeks. My husband had already gotten his eleven point or five by six as they say in the Northwest, two days earlier. I was ready to get mine. We had seen several bucks, just not what I personally wanted to shoot or one I could get to, to be able to shoot. You see, my whole family are hunters so I needed to kind of almost out-do them to a certain degree.

This particular Tuesday, was THE day. When I woke up this morning, I knew I was going to shoot my deer today. This was it. Well, we drove around to “the usual” spots and did not find a darn thing. Nothing, I mean nothing. Well, we drive back to our one spot and spot a group of deer and there appears to be a few bucks in the group. We drove back near our house to get a closer view of them to see if any were indeed bucks and were shooters. Well, we pulled up on them and boy was I delighted. There was one in particular that I told my husband I wanted and wanted to know how to get to him to shoot him. Mind you, I was going to have to do this on my own, he had out three year old in the truck and she could not make the half a mile walk out to the field to get to him, nor would I want her to. So, I got out of the truck, crawled under the fence (it is to keep cows in) and went out to the field to stalk my buck. Oh, and I also forgot to tell you that it was in the twenties today as well. So, I have my adrenaline rush going and I get out to the field. Only to find that this deer or “Bucky” as I nicknamed him has gone to the front portion of the field. I stalked him trying to call and everything. He decided to be lazy and laid down to rest. Well, my husband saw this and called me and told me to meet him back on the other side of the fence. I was there by the time he got there. It by no means is a quick walk either. But, again I had the adrenaline rush going. I hopped in the truck and away we went.

The whole time, I was praying that we make it there and he would still be there. Well, he was. Now, I had to come up with another game plan. My husband told me how to load the gun, I forgot to mention that I had not shot a gun and never shot this one, in nine years. I decided to hop over the fence and walk the fence line. Since there was a slight hill, he and the does with him would not be able to see me this way and definitely could not smell me. The wind was in my favor and blowing into my face. So, I walked the fence line, went in between two light poles and crouched down. He was still bedded down and looking right at me. Again, because of the wind he could not smell me. So, I decided to get a little closer by army crawling out to a small hill in front of him. I was about one hundred and thirty yards or so from him. I got him in my sites and began to control my breathing and nerves. Once I was ready, I thought to myself, “it is now or never. If he stands up, he is probably going to take off running.” Again, I checked my sites and steadied the gun. I was shooting directly into the brisket part of him. I loaded my three-hundred ultra Mag and took a deep breath and fired as best as I could.

Immediately, my ears began ringing and there was a black smoke cloud from the firing of the bullet. I watched as soon as the smoke cleared. There was a buck standing with a doe. Surely, I had not missed the buck I shot at. I was thinking there is no way. I am not going to hear the end of this. I suck at this! So, I tried to reload my gun. But, there was nothing. I expelled the used casing from the bullet that I fired and still nothing. My husband had said there were two bullets left. I was so mad. Clearly, there was only one. I put the safety on, threw my gun over my shoulder and headed back to the truck. He was already taking the fence down to drive through to pick up my deer. I was like what are you doing? I missed him. Did you not see that? He said no, you shot him I watched you. He said look at the white fluffy tail laying out there. I said knowing my luck it somehow hit a doe or something. I got back in the truck and we drove down a little ways and sure enough, I got him! My husband high-fived me out of joy. This was one of the coolest experiences I had ever had. We loaded my ten point, or five by five, deer up and drove home to field dress him.

Had we not lived in a small town, this moment may have never happened. It was, besides having my children one of the most memorable and exciting moments of my life. Surely, it will never be forgotten and neither will the small town of Glasgow. We hope to move back once the furlough is over.