Small Town Storytelling Scholarship

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Are You More Than Emojis?  Prove It.

In this age of unprecedented technology, heartfelt authentic storytelling is too often replaced by emojis, selfies (with or without duck lips), disappearing SnapChats, and things we probably aren’t even cool enough to know about.  We at Cain’s River worry that the art of small town storytelling is being lost and we don’t want that to happen.

To that end, Cain’s River is proud to sponsor a scholarship for graduating high school seniors, college and/or vocational school students interested in taking a crack at small town storytelling.  Tell us something interesting about yourself, your family, your community.  Tell us a tall tale full of wit and wisdom.  Tell it in an artful way and it just may resonate, educate and enlighten others.

How Do I Apply?

Just fill out the application below and upload your story using a Word document.

Stories should be no more than 1,500 words and can be fact, fiction or a little bit of both.  Submissions will be judged almost entirely upon authenticity and creativity.  It is hard to ignore insanely bad spelling and grammar so please hit “Spell/Grammar Check” before hitting “Send.”.

All stories submitted will be posted on Cain’s River.

What Are The Important Deadlines?

Please check back during the fall of 2017 for deadlines for our 2018 scholarship.

Applications will not be accepted until the contest opens in the fall.

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