Old Truck

That Old Truck

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*Scholarship Submission*

The school bell rings and the students hustle their way to a parking lot that holds more trucks than any other vehicle. These trucks aren’t just to look pretty these trucks are the life lines of these families. These are the trucks that haul hay out to the cattle or take them the hour drive to town. It’s the only vehicle that family has and they would not trade it for a BMW.

This truck has seen the Thompson’s oldest son Benny take Ms. Amy to prom. This truck has been backed up to that bonfire in the middle of that cattle pasture with all his friends coming from all over town and everyone knows to shut the gate and to watch out for the bull.

That truck took Amy from rodeo to rodeo across the state with a horse trailer hooked to the back and Buckshot, standing strong and powerful ready to run those barrels for that’s where his heart lies.

That truck that many would say is old and scrap medal has seen more heart breaks, more victories, and more sorrows than any other vehicle. That truck is a way of life for that small town family. That truck was dependable all those years and would always keep them safe.

One sorrowful morning when young Benny took a turn too fast and flipped that old truck, but the truck’s old metal stood strong and did not bend, for to this day Benny still drives that truck and today is taking his high school love for a ride across town and down to the river like he did the day he asked Mrs. Amy to marry him back in 1983.