The Come Up

The Come Up

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*Scholarship Submission*

Growing up without a dad with him being in Angola State Prison was hard for a young boy like me to grow up with only a mom to raise me, I have never seen him before. Coming up with seven siblings and only a two bedroom house was not easy. Being the oldest was hard, I had no space no privacy no anything but then again I could not complain because I understood how hard my mom tried to raise one child alone having bills and food to put in the house. Now she’s married, she’s been married for 2 years now and I can honestly say she’s progressing more and more on raising seven kids, I am now 18 years old so I am a man of my own now.

My mom is my motivation I made her a promise to graduate school no matter what the circumstances are, my exact words were “I want to make you happy and proud one day”. It’s no way I could go back on my word now I’ve made it this far. Music and sports are the two things I want to be able to make it out by doing them both. They are interesting and fun I look at them as part of my life not just as hobbies to do when I get “bored”. I been playing sports and trying to rap since my 7th grade year, in basketball I played both power forward and shooting guard in football I played running back and the music was all because of my older cousin he raps and sometimes he’ll sit me down and tell me how to write lyrics and hooks to songs so over the years I’ve gotten better at it.

Being the older brother of six other siblings was a hard job because you then had to become a role model for them. They soon will not only be looking up to your parents but to you also so you have to set big goals and standards for yourself so when it’s their time they can know what to set their mind to. My siblings are a big part of my life also because without them I would not have anyone to argue with about materialistic things or I would not have any entertainment at all. Sad to say the house would be boring and dead.

I still have those dreams of just being able to take care of my people without no worries whatsoever. I just want to see those stress free faces on my families face and those beautiful smiles that mean so much more to me than money. Money can not buy neither happiness or love but I plan on showing my moms and my stepdad how much I love and appreciate everything they have done for me these past 18 years and Im sure my siblings want to show them the same love and respect I am. They even struggle to come through for us sometimes but some how, some way they managed to pull through and do what they have to for us.

It has been plenty of lessons I have learned in life, it is not about where you came up or how you came up it’s how you adjust your mind set to growing up and being something in life. A wise man always told me “ Aint no horse that can not be rode and aint no ride can not be thrown” so do not grow up thinking your the baddest thing walking this earth because believe me it’s someone out there that can take you down. I had a hard time coming up but i made through every drought life has thrown at me so far and i have made it this far to where’s im about to graduate out of school, get the career of my dreams and actually make my dreams come true of taking care of my family.