Name of The Wind

The Hope and Determination

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*Scholarship Submission*

Once there was a boy named Koth. He lived in a time where magic was an unknown but compelling aspect of life. Some people feared magic, some people used it, either for good or for bad. Koth lived with his family who travelled caravan that performed and traveled for money. Many folks loved watching plays that had to do with myths and legends and this is why him and his family got paid and sponsored by many lords and dukes. One night this all changed. Changed the course of Koth’s life forever.

Koth’s father and mother were song and play writers. They often made their own acts and props which they played for town folk. Koth’s father was working on a special song about the ancient Chadrian. They were a myth that kept children from playing alone at night. Many villagers thought to never mention the names of the Chadrian’s because things were said to have happened when they did, but that was only a myth from superstitious towns’ people. Koth’s father had been working on this song for quite some time and kept it very secret as to not spoil the surprise that it would be when he finally played it for this family. The family was very excited to hear the song because whenever Koth’s father came up with something new it was always chilling and moving, it brought tears to their eyes and goose bumps to their skin. One night as the family was traveling in their caravan of wagons to the next show they would perform, Koth was told to gather wood for the fire while his father and mother talked about his current masterpiece in the making. It was a cold dark night, Koth often liked going off alone and exploring the woods around them. It often took him a long time to gather wood because he would find himself intrigued with nature, the leaves, the tree roots, the flowers and grass. Upon Koth’s return he stumbled onto a terrible sight. The wagons had been burned and the bodies of his loved once had been thrown around, killed. He dropped to tears and soon could not believe what his eyes were seeing. As he walked through the camp looking for some hope and wondering who could have done this he stumbled upon seven men. All were surrounding a camp fire that was a strangle color. He saw through his blurry, teared eyes that it was blue. A tall man, with white hair and dark eyes talked to the others around him as if they were lower than him. The rest of the men that he commanded he could not see, their faces hidden in the shadows. He commanded them to be swift. He must have been their leader. All of these followers had a magical feeling about them. Like Koth had known them before or heard of them before. Then he began thinking, the Chadrian. It was impossible. These people were just a myth. Could his father’s song have brought them here? Caused all of this? It was too much speculation. He knew he had to get out of there, so he ran. He ran as far and as fast as he could with tears in his eyes. Still he was stricken by what had happened to his family. He soon became exhausted and decided he should rest. He cried himself to sleep under a tree that night, no food, no water. And so the days continued as this. Near starving and exhausted he came upon a city. This city is where he would live homeless, for the next five years. Struggling for food and water, begging on the streets became an everyday thing. No family, no home, Koth lived in fear and always speculating, wondering what happened to his family. Had he imagined it?

One day Koth found a place, beneath a home in the city. He had heard on the streets that it was a safe place to go. He had nothing else to loose so he went. Down wet cobble stone stairs he entered the basement and found many children. Most were sick or others had something wrong with them. He say bread on the table. Food at last he though and he took a piece. He then saw a man walk into the room. Scared Koth ran for the door. Not knowing what to expect from the man and having no real human contact for years Koth was scared. The man called for him to stop and that there would be more food there whenever Koth needed it. So Koth continued to come back and began warming up to the man. Of course Koth never told the man of what had happened to his family, but the man told him of great things. There was a university of magic. Where one could discover his true potential, maybe even find answers to what had happened to his parents. Soon Koth began collecting his money, rationing food. He was planning on making a journey to this new place, where he had hope. He soon collected enough to get new clothes and make a deal with a trader who would give him passage to the next town in exchange for help with lifting his crates. Soon enough Koth was on his way. Getting closer and closer to his dream of finding out what happened to his parents, to finding out how he could become more than a homeless boy on the streets. He knew he had potential. He just had to unlock it with the right key.

Koth’s journey symbolizes that through anything, with the right determination and a little bit of hope, you can get anywhere. Nothing is in the way of stopping you from your dreams besides you. You can find the means to do whatever you can dream. You have to take baby steps, of course. Koth came from a horrible experience and now he is setting off in a new adventure. He is determined to find out what happened to his parents and become a greater person. He knows he can never bring his parents back but he can do what he can to make them proud his they were still alive. This story was inspired by The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.