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The Lost Planet

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**Scholarship Submission**

Have you ever wondered what dreams are? What they really are? Are they simply memories tossed together lacking purpose or any hint of artful conception? Or is it feasible that these dreams whisper sinister premonitions of days to come or disclose the mysteries of those long past? In retrospect, I am now able to fully grasp the concept that our dreams are more than mere nonsense. You see, in my dreams, I saw a realm that was so unnervingly close to our own that the two could have only been separated by a fraction of a millimeter. The eventual collision of these two dimensions was inevitable. The impending doom haunted me like a plague while my dreams foretold the cataclysmic destruction of a planet that once hosted an abundance of animated existences. This is what I remember…

My name is Lexi Feldman. I believe that I lived, once, in sleepy town by the name of La Grande, on a planet destroyed long ago. That was before the experiment. Before it went horribly, undeniably wrong. Now you may be wondering what exactly it is that I am alluding to. But alas, patience is a virtue; you’ll understand soon enough. For now, all you need to know is that we made a mistake. Can you blame us? In our interminable quest to explore and to devise innovative technology, we neglected the planet that we called our home, yet we have no one to blame but ourselves. The destruction of our planet was nothing more than a byproduct of our careless inconsideration.

It began a short while ago, as these things are measured. I joined a team of scientists in a highly confidential investigation of other dimensions. We had been involved in this somewhat controversial enterprise for a good portion of time when we finally detected faint radio signals coming from a distant intelligence. At first crude and unstructured, these broadcasts rapidly grew in complexity as did the messages they carried. We watched carefully from our observatories. However, we got ahead of ourselves, and in our haste to establish contact, we unintentionally initiated our own downfall. The flaw was not in our observatories, nor in our plethora of colossal machines, for they were devices of pure infallible logic, consistently obtaining raw data and compiling it into strangely beautiful documents of meaningful information. No, the flaw was within us; the orchestrators of this catastrophe; the researchers who thought themselves to be superior to such failure. We are responsible.

I tried to warn them. For many nights in my dreams, I was tormented by images of a barbaric race of feeble-minded beasts. I begged my associates to take a closer look at the race of creatures within this other dimension. To look beyond their glamorized facade. My prophetic nightmares continued, and with each passing second I became more and more convinced that we were not studying them, but rather they were studying us. I saw them as brutal and uncultured monsters, stabbing and burning each other with such little regard for life. We were nothing more than pawns in their savage game; part of their own sick and twisted experiment. They terrified me, but my colleagues failed to approach these creatures with tact. Ultimately, it cost us our planet as well as our freedom.

The fiends ascended from their dimension into ours, wreaking havoc and invoking terror with every step they took. They chained us up like wild animals and transported us back to their home; the name of which I later learned to be “Earth”. I don’t know how long I’ve been here now, time passes differently in this dimension. I’ve become a stranger to myself and it’s my own fault. An experiment gone awry; a careless mishap in the face of discovery. I never sleep anymore, but I keep waking up. Nightmare after nightmare, there is no escape from the reality inside my mind.