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The Story of My Future

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*Scholarship Submission*

Hello, my name is Dylan Flores.  I am currently in my second semester of a six semester Bachelor’s program at Boise State University.

A small business owner has hugely impacted me, so much so that it is how I came about choosing my major and my future career as a small business owner. My father is the one that influenced me to do this. He started his company RespXchange Inc. in Benicia, California (my hometown); this company repairs medical equipment in the respiratory field. Such as respirators, oxygen concentrators and CPAP machines. I worked with him at his business all throughout my high school life and even a couple years after that, until I transferred to Boise State. Because of my experience and love for working with these machines and the patients that use the machines, I chose my major to be Respiratory Therapy. I then applied and got accepted into the Respiratory Care Bachelors program here at Boise State. I could not be more happy with this path that I am on, I love the program here at Boise State, I love the job and I love helping patients through these hard times of their lives. Just knowing that I have had a positive impact on every patient that I see makes it all worth it, and makes me look forward to school the next day. I strongly believe that if my dad had never started his small business and allowed me to work for him, that I would have never come across this career path that I truly do love; and that I would have never known this life and the happiness that comes with it.

As I said before my father had started a small business in the same the field as my major. Once I graduate I plan on moving back to California and working with patients in hospitals for a while. Move out, get settled on my own, build up some savings and really just get stable by myself. Around that time my father will be about ready to retire and when he does, I plan on taking over his small business. Using my Bachelors Degree as well as my experience with patients in the field, I believe I can run a successful business. Not only that but I would like to grow the business, hire people with the same interest as me and give them a leg up to start a similar business as my dad’s. It may sound weird to try and create competition but I am not worried about that, because as of right now, my dad’s business is the only one in the North West that does what he does. So I believe the field could use couple more small family businesses to help us out. Especially with the Respiratory Care field growing as fast as it is.

I believe that our nation runs on small businesses and entrepreneurs. They are what keep our country advancing and always evolving into something better. They help create jobs for the local people as well as create an income for their city. Because my father was a small business owner for a big chunk of my childhood, I believe it is my job to take that business over and expand it. Give jobs to the people of the San Francisco, Bay Area; and maybe even give some the opportunity to start something great. The same way my father did.