Informal full-length portrait of catcher Pat Donahue of the American League's Boston baseball team, facing towards third base and looking at the camera, standing with his arms spread in front of him behind home plate on the field at South Side Park, Chicago, Illinois, 1909. An unidentified Boston player holding a baseball bat is standing at home plate, and a group of Boston players is standing in the background. From the Chicago Daily News collection. (Photo by Chicago History Museum/Getty Images)

Things That Taught Me A Lesson

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*Scholarship Submission*

The things that taught me a lesson in life are really important to me. I appreciate them very much because I am a better person now than I was back then when I was not taught a lesson. The things that taught me a lesson are baseball, working, and hunting.

Baseball. The reason why baseball taught me a lesson in life is because it taught me to respect other people and my teammates. I learned the way of the game which is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical. It is a game of failure and I like it that way because you try harder the next game to succeed and not fail. Everybody fails in life but it is the amount of people that get back up and go at it again that determine the difference between a winner and a loser.

Working. The reason why working taught me a lesson is because it taught me to treat your customer’s right and not to cheat them out of nothing. My dad owns his own business and that taught me a lot of things to do if you want to own your own business. It taught me the struggle and fight it takes to run it. It also lets you meet a bunch more people which can become a great friend later on in life.

Hunting. Hunting has taught me a big lesson in life because it teaches you the importance of the wildlife and to respect the animals and other hunters that are out there. The big problem there is, is that people go hunting just to kill the animal and then go and just throw it away. By law that is a crime but they never get caught. If you want to just go out there and kill the animal and not eat it after you should just give it to someone that really wants it, and not just throw it away.

Life is about learning a lesson. And most likely when you have learned a lesson that means you have failed before and you were strong enough to get back up again and try it again and again and again until you succeeded. And that’s what baseball, working, and hunting has done for me. Which is it made me fail just to see if I could get back again and succeed in it, which I did.