The Digitally Winged Generation & The Quest For Deeper Roots

By Jed Cain

“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other wings.” -W. Hodding Carter, II.   Over the past year, our family embarked upon a new adventure. We traded in our suburban life in South Louisiana and moved to the country in North Louisiana. We are … Continue Reading.

The Tooth Fairy Is Creepy (And Awesome)

By Laura Knoll

I know I’m not the only mother out there who cringes violently at the thought of a loose, wiggling, or detached tooth. Sometimes I have nightmares where I lose my own teeth, and they are among the most frightening ones I have (up there with tidal waves and realizing half-way through a college semester that … Continue Reading.

Can’t Never Did Do Anything

By Anna Matejck

**Scholarship Submission** My Grandpa Jack was magic. Truly, he was. To a curious, head-in-the-clouds girl like myself, his abilities could be described as nothing but magic! Grandpa Jack could always get a campfir single match. It didn’t matter if the wood was damp or freshly cut from his forested property in the Missouri Ozarks; one … Continue Reading.


By Emma Wright

**Scholarship Submission** Cold. Colder than normal, he says that’s what the saline does to you. You might still be holding his hand after your body froze and went numb from the needle, but you can’t tell. Dark red stains shout from the white and baby blues. The tears are an afterthought, but at least they’re … Continue Reading.

A Change Of Heart

By Katie Davison

**Scholarship Submission** It is hard for some people to believe that this is the same person! Not two months ago she was the most self-centered and selfish person I knew. I would know! I was her maid. Now she is a kind and selfless young lady. Who am I referring to? Delaney Austin. Delaney was … Continue Reading.

A Day in the Life of Emily With Bipolar Type 2

By Emily Davidow

**Scholarship Submission** I wake up, kind of groggy from a restless night, full of nightmares from my medications. I shake it off and plan my day. So far. So good. My little internal cheerleader saying, “I can do this.” I feel pretty good today. Organizing my day is a little frustrating, should have done it … Continue Reading.

Let There be Love

By Jada Ford

**Scholarship Submission** It was impossible not to notice the slightest change in a town as small as mine. That time high school seniors moved up the speed limit sign, the day the grocery store repainted the parking lines, and the week the preacher forgot to close his curtains were all changes that sparked conversations and … Continue Reading.

A Tall Tale

By Madison Liquin

**Scholarship Submission** Trying to think of an interesting fact about me is always challenging because like many if told to respond to this would think they might not be interesting enough.  It took some thinking, and I finally decided on the fact I wanted to share.  Throughout my twelve years in school, I have never … Continue Reading.

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